67 years ago ...

... my hometown looked like this.

On the 22nd of March 1945 Hildesheim was completely destroyed by allied bombardmends.

Pictures are from the arcive of Theo Wetterau


  1. War is an ugly business. All that sadness, all those empty shells, all those lost lives. These pictures capture the bleakness.

  2. I lived in Pforzheim for a few months back in 2007. I was there for the anniversary of the town being flattened by the RAF. I got some funny looks that week, when people heard me talk.

  3. war is a terrible thing. WW2 was so sad in that so many civilians died, so many beautiful places raised to the ground. I hope that the city was rebuilt well and with care.

  4. The madness of the last year. In the last 10 months of World War II as many people as in the four years before were killed.

  5. The whole bombardmend took no longer than ten minutes, dropping more than 1000 tons of bombs. Today every churchbell throughout the city will ring for exactly those ten minutes. It's an opressive feeling every year.

  6. Thomas, This this is a touching and somber post. Thank you.

  7. Amazing pictures. Such destruction.

  8. In Hildesheim gab es eine Straßenbahn?!?

    1. Ja, bis zu genau diesem Tag.
      Mehr Infos im Stadtmuseum oder unter: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stra%C3%9Fenbahn_Hildesheim


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