Alright, as many of you will have noticed  the amount of spam comments on my blog grows bigger day by day, so I had to turn on the captcha for writing a comment. I'm not a fan of this, but don't want to spend every morning deleting about 20 spam-comments.

Sorry for the inconveniences.



In den letzten Tagen wurde mein Blog von einer Menge neuer Spam-Einträgen überflutet.
Daher blieb mir nichts anders übrig, als die captcha-Abfrage zu aktivieren. Ich bin selbst kein Freund dieser Maßnahme, aber habe auch keine Lust, jeden Morgen 20 neue Kommentare zu löschen.



  1. I hate Captcha's but I also hate Spam Comments and I've similarly seem an increase in its volume. I now regularly get two or three per day...if it reached 20 a day I may have to relent and activate the Captcha feature myself. Keep up the good work and don't let the spam-bots get you down.

  2. No problem here mate you gotta do what you have to!

  3. The spam has gone through the roof for me. What I did was to not allow anonymous comments as all the spam comes from those. I completely understand why you've enabled CAPTCHA


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