Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

I'd like to thank the Academy

You've probably seen this wandering around the network in the last weeks and now I got this award, too!

Bruno from Lonewolfs Welten (which is a great blog, just in case you didn't know) awarded me the "Liebster Blog" award. Thanks a lot, Bruno!

I think a award that is especially for the smaller blogs (below 200 followers) is a good idea and it's a great favor for me to be awarded.

So after a whole Weekend of celebrating, it's time to return the favour and pass the trophy to my very own favorites  But first of all, the rules:
  •  "Copy and paste" the award on your blog, and talk about it a bit. 
  •  Select for the award your five favourite blogs with less than 200 followers, leaving a comment on one of their post to notify them that they have won the award. You need also to list them in your own blog.
  •  Enjoy the moment, knowing that you have just made someone's day
  •  Of course, there is no obligation to pass the award, but it is a good deed really
So here are the awardees:

By far my most favourite blog. These 4 guys really know how to do a awe-inspiring paintjob and their "Makränzchen" are legendary!

Talarion's blog mostly about WH40K, Necromunda and other things. His painting skills are awesome, be sure to follow this blog as it's a great source of inspiration to me!

Alex's blog - a lot of Saga gaming and painting, I especially like his tutorials and the paintjob he did on the lion some days ago.

Thomas, a really nice guy I first met at the Tactica 2012, where he and a friend had a lot of fun playing our Mollwitz-scenario. Currently he works on his Macedonian army for Fields of Glory. 

Yes, another German Blog and this is one, you really should have seen! Frank shows his great skills and I found myself reading on his blog and just admiring his pictures often in the last time.

So that's it, my five awardees.