Secret Santa - Wishlist

As I did back in 2014, I signed up for Ian's Secret Santa list and, and it is now time to create my 2015 wishlist. Well - here we are again!

So my dear Santa, here's my wishlist:

15mm - Cold War gone Hot:
  • HMMVEE, I think any manufacturer will do it here.
6mm - Historical:
  • Pretty much everything from the Baccus ACW (Confederate) or the Napoleonic (late British) - ranges...
6mm Sci-Fi:
  • I'm looking for Eldar (Epic 40K / Armageddon), pretty much everything, except Falcons. 
6mm Fantasy:
  • For my Kings of War gaming, I cannot have enough of that 6mm Undead. Ghouls, Zombies, Werebats - you name it!
28mm Fantasy:
  • My Frostgrave collection is lacking a snow troll ...

So this is pretty much it for my wishlist, but I'm sure if you browse around on my blog you'll find a lot of inspiration beyond this...


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