Review - Warlord Games Plastic half-track

Just a few days ago Warlord Games released their latest half-track model. Nothing special about vehicles from Warlord Games, but this one is not a resin model, it's made of plastic!

So let us take a closer look at this model: and see what is in the box.
Here we are. As you can see, there are quite some parts and, what I especially like, some waterslide transfers! (I don't know if Warlord Games puts some in every vehicle pack, I got none as I received my StuG II model some weeks ago)

Building the model itself is quite simple, the parts fit together easily and whenever there is some cutting work to be done, your hobby knife will cut easily through the soft plastic. In about 15 minutes I got the main parts of the model assembled.

There are a lot of smaller details and stowage as well as a gunner wit both, MG '42 and '34 options. For this review, I did not glue those things to the model, because I want to make some changes to the model before it gets painted.
Here you can see the model standing next to a Warlord Games StuG III and a German soldier.
(Don't worry about the gaps in the model - i did not glue it together, as the three main parts will get painted separately.)

I think the model meets it's original size, the Sd.Kfz was only 1 meter 75 high and about 2 meters wide.

All in all I'm really satisfied with this plastic model. Sure it's a lot lighter than a model made from resin and some people will definitely miss the feeling of weight in their hands, but that is not a problem for me. The details are quite nice and absolutely sufficient for a wargaming model.

Come back soon to see this model fully painted!



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