Guards Armoured Division: Jeeps und Kanonen

Ein schnelles Update heute:

Ich habe die Jeeps für die Pioniere und die 6-Pfünder fertig!


  1. I especially like those jeeps sir.....

  2. Yeh the jeeps look very nice!! Great work!

  3. I always enjoy good work and a good tutorial. Your last post that showed how you put the windows in those jeeps was excellent and so creative. It also makes a big difference in the look of the finished piece.

  4. Hey, thanks a lot people!

    It is really nice to get some feedback, and seeing you even work your way through the Google translation (which must be quite hard, though the translation is really,really bad) is the icing on the cake.

    Anyway, what goes around comes around and so I'll start blogging in both, German and English from today on. (... at least I hope, that my English is a bit better than this Google-translation mess)



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